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Nxai Pan Camp, April 2023

During their safari, guests were treated to a thrilling experience as they followed the tracks of a majestic male lion in search of water in front of Nxai Pan Camp.

They discovered more lion tracks along the road to Baines’ Baobab, offering a glimpse into the world of lionesses and their adorable cubs.

Lions on the way to Baines’ Baobabs

They were awe-struck when they came across a resting lioness taking shelter under a bush while scanning the vast Kalahari plains. Unexpectedly, a male elephant appeared, further adding to the spectacle!

However, the highlight of their adventure was witnessing a lioness enjoy a wildebeest meal, while black-backed jackals and pied crows gathered around. The presence of circling vultures hinted at the possibility of an unseen lion nearby. At Baines’ Baobab, they stumbled upon a pride of five contented lions, including two lionesses and three well-fed cubs, who were leisurely lounging on the road!

We tracked a female leopard on her journey back to an area where we suspected she had hidden her precious cubs near the route to Baines’ Baobab. Guides glimpsed the leopardess as she quenched her thirst at a natural water hole along the West Road. Later, she tested her hunting skills on impalas, showcasing the true essence of a predator’s challenge.

Green Season Nxai Pan

Every dawn brought fresh tracks of the enigmatic African wild dogs, teasing us. Although we did not spot them this time, their unseen presence added an air of intrigue to our wildlife encounters. The melodious songs of the diverse range of larks filled the air during every activity, including the locally confined subspecies, the Dusky lark.  

Astounding raptors of the Makgadikgadi

Guests marvelled at the aerial prowess as majestic raptors skilfully navigated the thermal currents, effortlessly gliding through the skies. A fascinating sight awaited them as vultures congregated around a zebra carcass cleverly concealed beneath the shade of a small acacia tree. While the elusive big cat responsible for the kill remained unseen, the signs of its presence were evident.

Secretary Bird

The remarkable hunting skills of the secretary bird were also displayed as it pursued small prey and relished its hard-earned meal. The agile African harrier hawk, also known as the gymnogene, showcased its unique ability to bend its legs forward and backwards to extract victims from hidden crevices. One memorable encounter involved a gymnogene landing on a log, unintentionally disrupting a glossy starling’s breeding site and causing a commotion among the helpless chicks.

(Please note: For the safety of the animals, we do not disclose the precise location of either rhino or pangolin sightings. Accompanying pictures are from our Kwando Photo Library which consists of all your great photo submissions over the years, it may not be the most up to date, but we felt it was worthy of a feature alongside this month’s Sightings Report!)