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Moremi Crossing Camp, April 2023

We observed a coalition of two male cheetahs resting near a termite mound in the western part of Sedudu.

Another alliance, consisting of two brothers, captivated us in the southwest direction of Sibanda’s Island. Many of our guests had their first-ever glimpse of these magnificent creatures and were truly enthralled!

From gentle morning showers to evening drizzles, the ever-changing atmosphere of April brought a refreshing coolness to the Gunn’s Private Reserve.

The lions and leopards spotted at Moremi Crossing

Lion encounters began with a thrilling sighting of two male lions forming a powerful coalition near Rra Lopang’s island.

A pride of nine lions showcased their hunting skills as they pursued an impala. We also observed three lions leisurely roaming near the camp. Another memorable moment occurred when two male lions engaged in a fierce battle with a rival coalition over a kill. It was fascinating to witness their dominance. We discovered that these territorial conquerors were the same pair encountered in previous months.

Landscapes of Moremi Crossing

We spotted six magnificent leopards. One memorable sighting involved a male leopard near a towering tree, focused on a young red lechwe. As the sun set, another leopard emerged, displaying its grace and stealth. Our resident female leopard revealed herself while a male leopard embarked on an exhilarating hunt in the east. Witnessing two male leopards enjoying an impala lamb kill was a true highlight. Another magical moment occurred near Nxaraga Crossing, where two male leopards enchanted guests.

The energetic and social African wild dogs made their mark on our safaris. A pack of eight was spotted during a morning drive and we marvelled at their synchronized movements. We witnessed their impressive hunting skills several days later as they devoured an impala kill. Another sighting occurred in the east as the pack of eight traversed the landscape toward the hippo pool.

Spotted hyenas, side-striped jackals and black-backed jackals were frequent sightings during our morning and evening drives. Hyena calls created a captivating nocturnal symphony around the camp every evening.

(Please note: For the safety of the animals, we do not disclose the precise location of either rhino or pangolin sightings. Accompanying pictures are from our Kwando Photo Library which consists of all your great photo submissions over the years, it may not be the most up to date, but we felt it was worthy of a feature alongside this month’s Sightings Report!)