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Moremi Crossing, June/July 2021

At Moremi Crossing, our safaris are taking place by boat due to high water levels from abundant rains earlier this year. “This allowed visitors to experience the Okavango’s otherwise hidden secrets”, Kwando Safaris guide Amos shares.  

Moremi. Corssing Okavango Delta Boating Safari

There were elephants swimming and mud bathing along the river edges. They entered deeper water crossings and often used their trunks rather comically as a submarine-like snorkel! 

This area is pockmarked by isolated islands and reed beds teeming with waterbirds. African fish eagles displayed and called in territorial advertisement, the African jacana showed off its unique mating behaviour (out here on the waterlilies, females rule the roost). We could also catch sight of the Black heron although shadow fishing. This clever bird uses its wings to create a reflection-free fishing environment, all the better to land a meal! 

One eventful afternoon in June, we landed with a buffalo carcass in the camp overnight. Alongside the nightly melody of crickets and frogs calling during dinner (these creatures call at night because they feel safe once their major enemy, the bird, has retired). We also had hyena whooping, Black-backed jackal yelling, and lions roaring in a full audio encounter.